How to Get in Janine's 3rd Book:

Janine is in the process of putting together a NEW Body Language Power Team to test the tips and her NEW book, YOU CAN'T RESIST ME, that will hit shelves in 2015.  YOU CAN'T RESIST ME will outline Janine's 2-minute secrets on how to be irresistible and any situation from the boardroom, the barroom, to the living room!

If selected, for 5-evenings from 6-10pm and a full weekend, you will work together with a small team of 18 people in the Washington,DC and Alexandria, VA area putting Janine's hot new tips to the test!

Act fast and apply today! Simply answer the following questions:

How you can be in Janine's 3rd book
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  13. 3. What have you already tried to be more irresistible and life?(*)
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  14. 4. Why did the things you already tried to be irresistible work or didn't work?(*)
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  15. 5. How do you think a body language makeover can change your life?(*)
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  16. 6. What could stop you from completing the program?(*)
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  17. 7. What will you put in place in the beginning so you make sure you don't miss any days of the program?(*)
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  18. 8. Are you willing to have your photograph, full name, and job title used in Janine's new book, with associated media, and on her website? (*)
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  20. 10. Have you read Janine's first two books: You Say More Than You Think, and You Can't Lie to Me!(*)
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