Free BS Barometer App!


The BS Barometer is a collection of your brain's oldest instincts, long used to spot the virtues and ethics within others—and within ourselves. But our BS Barometers have been taking hits for years, decades—even for centuries. Our BS Barometers have taken a beating, worn down from these constant exposures to BS and lies.

We are now at a moment in history when we almost don't expect to hear the truth anymore—we are so used to being lied to that we are often wildly out of touch with reality. But that's no recipe for a satisfying authentic life. And that's exactly where Janine Driver's BS Barometer app comes in: While many people may have lost some of their native ability to spot liars, the detecting deception techniques shared in Janine's interactive and points driven BS Barometer app will re-calibrate America's BS Barometer to spot the real truth, not the accepted reality of the truth.

By using the BS Barometer app regularly, you'll strengthen your own internal BS Barometer so it can once again perform at the height of its abilities. You'll build your self-confidence, because the stronger your BS Barometer, the more happpiness and peace of mind you'll have. Your BS Barometer will automatically keep you at arm's length from the Bernie Madoffs, Jerry Sanduskys, and the Casey Anthonys, so you'll be free to bring more open, authentic people into your life.
You'll also be a lot happpier—because we can now confidently recognize the real truth.

BS Barometer app Coming Soon! The app has been denied by the Apple Store twice now but we are working hard on fixing the problems! Expect the app to arrive February 14, 2013!