Instant Hypnotic Replays

Your body is an amazing learning machine. It is designed to learn, adapt, and improve the tools, concepts, and ideas that you are exposed to faster than the most powerful computer ever created. From the time you were a baby, then you learned to rollover, crawl, and walk, your brain has been storing and reconfiguring information so that you can have access to it in an instant.

This page is for all our new friends who have read Janine's NEW instant best-selling book, You Can't Lie to Me. On this page, you have the opportunity to allow your subconscious to automatically reinforce all the lessons you are in the process of learning in You Can't Lie to Me. As you finish one chapter after another, through the "Instant Replays" below, you are given the success secret on how to solidify the concepts you have read. Whether this be the first time you used these new ideas, or it is the first time you are made aware of them, the faster and more intensely you reinforce the concept, the more use your mind and body will make of this information.

Detecting Deception Power Team member Oscar Rodriguez created these Instant Replays as gift for Janine to pass along to you! Oscar is a hypnotist based in the Washington D.C. area; his focus is on identifying what holds you back and overcoming its power over you. Whether it is a bad habit or a crippling fear, hypnosis is a powerful tool he uses to guide his clients to achieve their goals and destroy old limitations. Thank you Oscar, you ROCK!

Ready. Set. Go.

You Can't Lie to Me fans here's how to use your Instant Replays:

Step 1: Have all the people you suspect who are liars and master manipulators leave your immediate listening area.

Step 2: We'll wait.

Step 3: Get comfortable.

Step 4: If you are on a plane, train, bus, or in your office, plug in your headphones.

* Keep in mind; this is hypnosis, so avoid listening while operating a vehicle.

Step 5: Click on the hypnotic box below that corresponds to the chapter number that you just finished reading.

Step 6: Relax, listen, and reinforce the tools to separate fact from fiction.

Step 7: Once you find Janine's book to be valuable, do us a favor, and tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter to buy their own copy of You Can't Lie to Me, so they can join you on your personal Truth Tour! Thank you in advance! Oh, and you ROCK too!














Special Offer

Now that you've listened to and experienced the value of "Instant Replay," wouldn't it be great if you had your own personalized version? Imagine how much more powerful your results will be when your personal story is recorded in a way that you're able to master what's most important and remarkable for YOU in You Can't Lie to Me!

Janine's good friend and favorite hypnotist Oscar Rodriguez will interview you to create your customized replay!

You can reach Oscar at (703) 672-1669 and mention code "Janine" for special pricing.