Certified YOU CAN'T LIE TO ME Trainers

mark callMark Call

Mark Call lives in the State of Maine with his beautiful wife, Dina and their 4 children.

He’s a Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Success Coach and Business Entrepreneur.

As former Law Enforcement Office, Mark worked as a Deputy Game Warden; Sheriff's Patrol Deputy and went on loan to the State DEA for the last two seasons of his public service.

After becoming a traditional brick and mortar business owner, Mark turned serial entrepreneur in 2008. He excelled in the home business arena where he attained the top level of several companies. This paved the way for him to author 3 books and launch his speaking and training career.

In 2013 Mark applied, and was accepted, to Janine Driver’s Body Language Institute (BLI 300), located in Washington DC. He graduatd BLI’s ‘You Can’t Lie To Me’ (Train the Trainer) intensive Body Language program in April of 2014. As a BLI Certifie Trainer, Mark has added (and teaches) Janine Driver’s ‘New’ Body Language techniques in his keynote presentations and training's.


mark callBruce T. Davis

Bruce Davis leads the Sales Skills training for a Fortune 50 Insurance Company. Having spent over 30 years in Sales and Sales Training he teaches Sales Teams how to build authentic connections and rapport with their clients by syncing up their verbal and non-verbal messages. His experiences in this field have shown him that empathy is the key to connecting to those around you and building a long term relationship and that much of that is accomplished through the use of appropriate Body Language.

Bruce has been a licensed insurance agent for over 30 years. He also holds a Training and Development Diploma from Langevin, the world’ largest Train the Trainer Organization, and is a Certified Performance Consultant.




mark callKathy Trahan, CAE President and CEO, Alliance Safety Council

Body Language Institute200 word bio

Kathy Trahan is a Certified Association Executive focused on accelerated education, training and workforce development.

Kathy Trahan is a Certified Association Executive focused on accelerated education, training and workforce development. Kathy currently serves as President/CEO of the Alliance Safety Council, an innovative growth-oriented non-profit association dedicated to education and safety training. Since joining the organization in 2004, she has focused on members by streamlining processes allowing them to save time and remain competitive. She continues to help industries experiencing foundational changes in the areas of regulatory compliance. Kathy also focuses on working with national associations and trade organizations to identify opportunities for partnerships and alliances in an effort to solve workforce development issues.

In 2004, she was awarded the Alden Andre PTEC Service Award for her contribution to workforce development projects having direct involvement with National Science Foundation grants in excess of $11 million. She has served as industry chair at multiple post-secondary institutions and at the state level. In 2013, the Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance presented Kathy with a Craf Education Champion award. Kathy is also a graduate of the elite certification program from The Body Language Institute and is certified as a train-the-trainer in the art of nonverbal communicatione.


mark callMary Gardner, M.D.

Before becoming a small animal veterinarian, Dr. Gardner spent 10 years in enterprise-wide software design, implementation and marketing. However, a twist of fate changed her path and in 2008, Dr. Gardner graduated from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. In 2010, she left general practice and co-founded Lap of Love with Dr. Dani McVety.

Lap of Love is the nation’s largest organization of in-home hospice and euthanasia veterinarians. With over 70 veterinarians in 40+ locations around the country, they are the leaders in end of life care. Dr. Gardner not only is a practicing veterinarian focusing on end of life care but she is also the company’s Chief Technology Officer and is responsible for the company’s web presence and all internet marketing.

Dr. Gardner frequently speaks at NAVC, IAAHPC, AVMA, professional sales meetings, veterinary schools and animal hospitals around the country. Dr. Gardner and Lap of Love have been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, The New York Times, the Associated Press, The Doctors and numerous professional veterinary publications.