BLI - 102: The New Body Language Advanced Certification Class

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NOTE: Etiquette Dinner additional $60 Inclusive of tax and gratuity (Optional - To be paid in class.)

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Have you ever wondered why you genuinely like someone? You know the feeling, you can’t exactly pinpoint it, but you trust them and will do business with them because of this “hunch” you have. How would you like to have that engagement with all of your customers? Better yet, how much is it worth to you to keep this information away from your competition?

As a student in BLI 102, “The New Body Language Advanced Course,” you’ll use the New Body Language skills you discovered in BLI-101, plus you'll receive advanced body language techniques, practice proper etiquette in a work environment and over a business dinner, enhance your public speaking skills, and you’ll master the Facella Sales Method for Success.

EtiquetteDinner250-aIn BLI-102, we offer an optional etiquette dinner, for $60, with BLI Senior Instructor Michele Pollard-Patrick. Michele is a certified Protocol Officer, professional image coach and has been a business etiquette consultant to corporate clients since 1989. She brings in-depth knowledge to her seminar presentations, and is recognized as an expert in the field of business etiquette and protocol. Included in her list of private clients are some of Washington’s most prominent figures, including some powerful people who work in the White House. Michele is a certified teacher, former corporate trainer for Xerox Corporation and published author.

You’ll also discover how to:

  • Avoid the non-verbal “nevers” that undermine even the most successful business person’s self confidence
  • Increase your perceived value with anyone, anyplace, anytime through implementing simple body language must-know moves, such as: “Body Leveraging,” “The Steve Jobs Power Move,” and “The Elbow Pop”
  • Identify Dr. Paul Ekman’s 7 Universal Emotions and instantly know what people are feeling at any given moment - and finally know what to do BEFORE you lose their attention, their trust, and their business
  • Adjust your conversation, your sales pitch, and your body language, based on negative body language leakage of the person you are persuading - and immediately increase your likeability and even more importantly, your credibility
  • Communicate with class, charisma, and charm to men, women, CEOs, middle managers, secretaries, hiring managers – to anyone within the international society we live in today – all without saying a word!
  • Implement eye-opening scientific rapport-building techniques and increase sales by 40%

Save Your Seat Now

  • Stop wasting time building relationships with the wrong people and deposit an additional 5-hours a week into your personal life
  • Increase your sales prices and instantly get more clients and customers when you do
  • Decode how the brain of an employee, customer, or client works when it’s being persuaded and learn how to override their concerns and limited beliefs about you and your product
  • Unlock the non-verbal and scientific success secrets to proper business and meal etiquette, so you’ll always demonstrate a killer first impression, send the signal to others that you are a trusted professional, and demonstrate your respect for others
  • Polish up your public speaking presence and immediately be seen as a person of power who can be trusted

BONUS ALERT:  As an added bonus, you’ll learn how to decipher fact from fiction when you get a 10-hour sneak peek into the exclusive verbal and non-verbal detecting deception secrets that will be highlighted in our President’s next book YOU CAN’T LIE TO ME (Harper Collins, August 28, 2012). 


Discover the truth behind such media sensation cases as:  Sandusky, Baby Lisa Erwin, Casey Anthony, John Edwards, and Gary Digiorno (involved with missing Robyn Gardner in Aruba), and much more!

BLI-102 Case Study #4: Did you follow the missing Baby Lisa Erwin case? Do you know what 5 "Hot Spots" the parents revealed that indicate there's more to the story? You will!  In BLI-102, you'll be divided into groups of 3, where you'll each be given a national case, where there either was proven deception, or there's more to the story.  You'll be surprised at how quickly you'll be able to spot the verbal and non-verbal tells of deception - and how you'll be able to train your classmates so quickly!





Pictured Left: Lyin' Tamer Janine Driver demonstrates the "Steve Job Powerhouse Chin Grab" pose, which sends the message to others that you are NOT a person to be messed with!

BLI Course Schedule

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Private one-one evaluation & coaching with Janine in each course
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BLI 101

October 15-17, 2017

BLI 300

June 4-8, 2017
December 4-8, 2017

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