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What a Baby’s Nose Knows Could Save YOUR Life!

A couple months ago, what began as offer to be one of four judges for an extensive nationwide search by Munchkin Inc., leading designer and manufacturer of clever infant and toddler products, where we recently chose 4-month old Liam Keilbart’s, from Mesa, AZ, “stinky face” picture as the winner (see his picture above at the top, with the runner ups), has literally changed the face of parenthood. The contest has not only spiked public awareness about Munchkin’s award-winning Arm & Hammer’s TM Diaper Pail’s ability to save time and eliminate unpleasant nursery odors, it has also brought a much-needed understanding to the evolutionary importance of spotting emotional facial expressions, in particular, “disgust.”


  • While in flip flops, you accidently stepped in human feces and vomit, an unsavory neighbor left on your driveway
  • You pour milk on your cereal and it pours out in white smelly curdled clumps
  • The family dog brings into your living room, a half-dead giant black rat snake
  • In the middle of the night you wake up in your hotel room to use the restroom and when you turn on the light, what looks like thousands of cockroaches scurry into hiding (and your suitcase is open on the floor)
  • The waitress’ 4-inch chipped-paint thumb fingernail, sinks inside your red sauce as she delivery you your plate of spaghetti
  • The cut under your left eye is showing visible pus-filled signs of infection
  • When changing your newborn son’s diarrhea-filled diaper, you noticed his entire onesie is soaked in brown smelly wetness right up to his neck (ah, delicious)!

If only Munchkin’s Arm & Hammer’s TM diaper pail could save the day in every instance noted above, right?! Heck, considering I’m about to give birth, via c-section, to my second son, Charlie Ryan, in two-weeks and one day, on August 1st, I’m tickled pink that Munchkin has provided me – and parents everywhere – with an easy fix for the last example (thanks Munchkin). Although while removing that onesie I know my face will be in traditional disgust position (a wrinkled nose, slightly narrowed eyebrows, a curled upper lip, and subtle protrusions of the tongue)!

Would you be surprised to discover that the “stinky face” we made decades ago – and still make today – when we experience anything revolting could literally save you, your family, and your newborn baby’s life?

It’s true.

The facial expression of disgust, which is made even by blind people, interpreted by the deaf correctly, and is literally recognized around the globe, has a surprising evolutionary importance. Thanks to mirror neurons in our brain, when we see someone else’s facial emotional expression, our brain is triggered as if we experienced that same emotion. So when we see our friend or neighbor withdraw from a person, object, or food product with an expression of disgust, we too become sickened and revolted. This basic emotion functions to help protect us from ingesting potentially harmful substances, and ultimately keeps us healthy and disease-free.


Research shows that when Mom, Dad, or a caregiver makes a disgusted face while holding and looking at one toy, then smiles with joy while playing with another toy, a child as young as five months old will stay away from the toy associated with the negative emotion.

Sooo… for the record, I’d like to clear the air.

Raise a baby bottle.

Make a toast.

Here’s to America’s Best Stinky Face Winner Baby Keilbart and to Munchkin’s hit Arm & Hammer’s TM Diaper Pail. Thanks to you Munchkin, days after my c-section, I won’t have to run down a bunch of stairs in my split-level house, go outside, and wobble across my yard to throw away every poopy diaper of my newborn Baby Charlie!

I’d also like to toast to our incredibly powerful emotions and may they continue to keep our children, and us, safe, happy, healthy, and disease-free!

Here! Here!

CONTEST NOTE: As the winner of Munchkin’s “America’s Best Stinky Face Contest,” Keilbart will receive a $1,000 cash prize and an Arm & Hammer TM Diaper Pail. In addition, Daniel Parsons, from Olathe, KS and Claire Williams from Baltimore, MD, were named as runners-up, and will be awarded an ultimate gift basket by Munchkin. Press Release: Munchkin Names America’s Best Stinky Face