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We offer a full range of consulting services specifically tailored for your company—whether you’re a corporate titan, small business, association, or nonprofit—to help you grow and manage your business. Learn how DPG’s clients benefit from individual profiles and team seminars.

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Now is the time to think strategically and create a plan that best leverages you and your team’s time and energy. Take your company to the next level through decision profiling. Learn employees’ intrinsic motivations, problem solving approaches, and nuanced communication preferences.

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Body language is an art. Movement Pattern Analysis is a science. And we can prove it! Learn how Movement Pattern Analysis unlocks the mysteries and potential of your company and employees, and what to expect when you embark on this life changing process.

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    Movement Pattern Analysis

    What if, deeply ingrained in your body, were the secrets to how you are motivated to make decisions? What if you could predict how your employees would execute assignments and play well (or not well) with others? Welcome to the world of Movement Pattern Analysis!

    Meet DPG

    Get a crash course in some of our terminology. Meet our original profilers and hear how Movement Pattern Analysis impacted teams like yours!

    Billtrust Case Study

    A team of account managers for an online billpay company becomes more self-aware, learns how to collaborate with different personalities, and maximizes their profiles.

    YMCA Case Study

    From the executive staff to the maintenance crew to the aquatics department—all were grateful for the insight, compassion, and understanding MPA provided.

    Ferguson Case Study

    A huge team of credit managers from America’s largest plumbing wholesaler improves their delegation and communication, and recognizes untapped human resources.

    See What Others Have to Say

    • This was an eye opening experience. It gave me tremendous insight into myself and my colleagues.

      Eden Olesin, Account Manager at Billtrust

    • I was anxious to see what my body motions said about me. So interesting to learn that we’re not good or bad or right or wrong — we’re just who we are! I loved learning more about my teammates and how we can help each other do our jobs more effectively!

      Valerie Bruno, Sr. Account Manager at Billtrust

    • The MPA program is a very effective tool to maximize self awareness, which triggers the desire to be a more effective team member and person. By learning your and your team’s MPA ‘thumbprints,’ this program creates a great path for re-aligning teams for maximum performance and efficiency.

      Kerry Depew, National Account Manager at Billtrust

    • I was impressed with how accurate the profiles were to all of us. Since the analysis is done objectively based on a two hour video of each of us, it was much more believable than a psychological questionnaire. As a manager, it was reassuring to see that my perspective of my employees was mostly confirmed. For each employee, I learned something new that will help me lead them better. It’s like seeing each employee’s DNA.

      Tom Scott, VP of Client Sales at Billtrust

    • My CEO believes that the most valuable trait of a sales rep is ‘self awareness.’ This training would blow his mind.

      Trevor Hufnagel, Sr. Account Manager at Billtrust

    Video Testimonials

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    YMCA Testimonials

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