Difference in the lives of their Students!

Apr|11 Esteemed and Celebrated Keynote Speaker, Janine Driver Shows Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation How they Can Make a Difference in the lives of their Students!

Driver Explains Why it’s Important to Build Rapport, Create Open Relationships and Deeper connections with Students to Make a Difference in their lives During their “Making Connections” 2014 Annual Training Conference in Austin, TX.

On Thursday April 10, 2014, New York Times Bestselling Author of “You Say More Than You Think” (CROWN) and author of the NEW book “You Can’t Lie to Me” (HARPER ONE) Janine Driver received countless laughs, tears and ah-ha moments while she hammered home the importance of keepin’ it real during her opening keynote presentation “How to Analyze Body Language to Build Trust and Rapport and Create Open and effective Conversations with Students” for Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation’s 2014 Annual Training Conference in Austin, TX. Texas Guaranteed (TG) is a nonprofit corporation that offers resources to help students and families plan and prepare for college.

Driver’s 75-minute presentation, “You Say More Than You Think: How to Analyze Body Language to Build Trust and Rapport and Create Open and effective Conversations with Students” motivated the audience to tears and with her unstoppable witty humor, Janine got the audience laughing so hard the roar of laughter could be heard from the next room. “Didn’t expect to laugh so much 1st thing in the morning – learned a great deal as well. Thanks @JanineDriver! #tgconf #navelintelligence,” Billy Tiongco (@billytiongco), Financial Advisor, Texas Tech University tweeted during Driver’s presentation.

After the presentation was over many people waited in line to get a chance to share their story with Janine. Driver then held a 60-minute workshop, “The New Body Language Analysis Makes All The Difference” where participants had to sit on the floor because there weren’t enough seats! “This Program is about keeping it REAL and finding the “WHY’s” in life in order to build trust, rapport, and open relationships with students, parents and co-workers! We all have two versions of ourselves: your true self and your ‘representative’. If you can’t open up and share your ‘Why’s’ with someone, don’t be surprised if they only show you their ‘representative.’ Think about it,” explained Driver.

Topics included:
1. The 6 Human Needs: Why we do what we do;
2. Create a deeper connection and build greater relationships and why it’s important when investigating Fraud and auditing companies;
3. Decode micro-expressions that indicate when someone is holding something back and how you can get them to open up and tell you the truth;
4. ACT FAST and use body language to understand what people are telling you without using their words and produce more consistent results;
5. Keep it REAL and think outside of the box to connect with business owners and get to the bottom of fraud quickly and easily.

“Thank you Janine! She motivated us, shocked us, and most of all she kept it real!” said Cynthia R. Mayberry, MBA, Manager, Southwest Region-Relationships Management and Counseling, TG (Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation).

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