Grows Carter-Haston’s Sales Potential

Apr|03 Award-Winning Keynote Speaker, Janine Driver Grows Carter-Haston’s Sales Potential During Their Annual Leadership Conference in Nashville, TN

On Wednesday March 26th, 2014 and Thursday March 27th, 2014 New York Times Bestselling Author of “You Say More Than

You Think” (CROWN) and author of the NEW book “You Can’t Lie to Me” (HARPER ONE) Janine Driver received standing ovations

for both her opening and closing keynote presentations for Carter-Haston’s, a Real Estate Asset/Property Management

company, for their Annual “Superhero” Leadership Conference held at the Omni Hotel in Nashville, TN.

“Not only does Janine show you how to use body language to come off as more confident, but she does it in a way that you can relate to and incorporate into your company, employees and clients. She’s a phenomenal motivational speaker and she does a great job at getting her message across,” said Chris Carter, Regional Manager, Charelton, SC. “If I had known what Janine taught us today, five years ago, I would have been able to detect when people were taking things from me, lying about paying rent, stealing money, etc. It would have saved me and my business a lot of money.”

Driver’s 90-minute presentations, “You Say More Than You Think: How to get what you want through decoding body language secrets direct from the playbooks of the FBI and CIA” and “How to Keep Residents for Life: The relationship starts with you!,” literally brought people to their feet. Driver explained, “My mission was to interactively and playfully share scientifically-proven communications breakthroughs and verbal and non-verbal success strategies to help Carter-Haston employees to build rapport faster to increase and drive sales and profit, and to separate fact from fiction in 3-easy steps – to ultimately spot those “Check is in the mail” residents.”

Topics Included
1. Spot the #1 missed tell that someone is ready to buy;
2. Decode micro-expressions that indicate someone is holding something back from you and get them to tell you exactly what it is;
3. ACT FAST and sell from your buyer’s brain perspective and produce more consistent results;
4. Break body language myths and uncover when crossed arms will ALWAYS make you more money;
5.Master the art of using “Statement Analysis” during all sales pitches and transactions and decode hidden objections

“I am confident that the information Janine has provided will be revolutionary for me, my business, and my people,” Carter added. “I highly recommend Janine Driver to anyone looking for a keynote speaker.”

For more information on Janine Driver, to hire Janine as YOUR keynote speaker and/or to interview Janine contact Krysta Hill, Body Language Institute’s Director of Communications – information provided below.

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