NBC’s TODAY Show Invites Janine Driver

Apr|03 NBC’s TODAY Show Invites Back Comedic Communications Consultant and Top Keynote Speaker Janine Driver

Driver Reveals 5 Easy Body Language Tricks to Appear More Likable & Have More Wins in Life!

On Monday March 31st, 2014 President of the Body Language Institute, located outside of Washington, DC, Janine Driver revealed 5 dangerously powerful behaviors that instantly make you appear more or less likable – and the hosts were excited to have Driver back.

“We love our Janine Driver!” said Natalie Morales, Today Show News Anchor, New York, NY “We’ve been getting emails all morning about how ex

cited everyone is to see Janine on the segment.” Willie Geist, Today Show Co-Anchor, New York, NY, confirmed Morales statement by restating, “We love Janine!”

Now ask yourself, “Am I likable?” As you might imagine, your likability could effect how your bosses and co-workers treat you. Believe it or not it can also affect your everyday interactions. According to Driver, “There’s a lot of problems we have with what we think makes us likable which in fact it makes us not likable.”

Topics included:

1.Eye Contact – How much is appropriate?

“The biggest problem with eye contact is people are actually overdoing it,” Driver explained. “In the United States of America to be likable, you have to give about 60% eye contact and avoid looking at someone’s forehead, which is seen as intimidating and only look at the other person’s lips when you want to send a sexual message.

The fix: Along with using 60% eye contact, Driver added that to be likable, we should look in the “Upside Down Triangle,” which is from the eyebrows to the nose.

2.Natural Smile – Forms/disappears slowly, a natural easy smile.

According to Driver some of us come into a room and smile ear to ear and that hurts our first impression.

The fix: Make someone feel special and smile when you hear the person’s name. As if they made you smile and in return they’ll flash their pearly whites back at you!

3.Avoiding Aggressive Hand Gestures – Palm-Down and Steepling hand gestures with peers.

“I’m not a big fan of the Palm-Down gesture; if I said to Al ‘How was your vacation to Aruba?’ while gesturing with your palms down, you might as well be saying ‘We like you better in Aruba!’” Said Driver, “I like steepling but when you steeple people, you intimidate people. Donald Trump can do it, Oprah Winfrey can do it, but if you are doing this on a date or when first meeting someone it really hurts rapport. You might as well come out with your middle finger scratching your forehead.”

The fix: Use open-palm-up gestures when speaking to increase your likability factor fast.

For more information on how to hire Janine Driver as YOUR next keynote speaker or to invite Janine to be YOUR media guest and/or to interview Janine contact Krysta Hill, Body Language Institute’s Director of Communications – information provided below.

See the Today Show segment here: http://www.today.com/video/today/54826647/#54826647

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